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Like many, I am now working from home a lot more than normal.  As a Realtor, I have technically worked from home over the past five years but most of my day was usually spent meeting clients, showing homes, hunkering down at Starbucks to do my emails and reports - not really that much time actually in my house!  Like many of you, it has definitely been an adjustment!  I have figured out however that if I really want to be productive, there are a few things that must be done...

  1. Get out of the jammies!  While very comfortable, I know that if I don't change into real clothes, I don't have the right mindset to get stuff done.  Right now, the way you think dictates how productive you are.  A 'real' pair of pants sets the tone for your work day and
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  Now that you have made the decision to move and put your house on the market, there are a few key things you need to do to get it ready.  First impressions are crucial - and in today's world of technology, that often means photos are viewed on-line even before an interested buyer walks through the front door.  What is seen (or not seen) can go a long way - you house will sell faster and for a higher price if it looks and feels good when potential buyers view your home.  You don't need to do everything but you do need to do the right things - to prioritize what will show your house in the best possible light. 

Get Rid of Clutter - this is important for a few reasons.  A cluttered home comes across as messy or uncared for.  Buyers may not realize that

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As a Realtor, I often speak with sellers about the emotional aspect of moving.  It can be a very emotional journey... in fact, it is on the short list of life's biggest stressors. Now that I am actually selling my own house, packing things up and looking for our next home, I truly understand the rollercoaster that this process can be.  And I LOVE to move, so can only imagine the feelings for those that do not enjoy change! 

It is perfectly normal to have the jitters, to question your decision, to wonder if a better house won't come on the market, and more.  You are making a major commitment and all of us experience those 'having second thought' moments - especially when you sign the contract or see the For Sale sign go up on your lawn.  Trust

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